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A refuge for Asbury Park’s Homeless


“The Mission is a wonderful place. I wish everybody understood what the Mission is doing for people and wanted to tell the whole world that their doors are open to help people!”
– Curtis, a program graduate

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The Market Street Mission – Jersey Shore cares for those in need.

HELP FOR TODAY: meeting immediate needs like food and shelter.
HELP FOR TOMORROW: meeting long-term needs through programs that help men overcome their struggles with addiction, homelessness and poverty.


“The Market Street Mission – Jersey Shore ministers to the homeless, helpless, and hopeless in Asbury Park by meeting their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs through a structured program which enables them to lead responsible, productive lives.”

We want to surround our homeless, hungry and struggling neighbors with God’s love and the healing they need to get back on their feet – from basic necessities like food and shelter to long-term needs like counseling, job training and Bible study – to live stable, productive lives as part of our Asbury Park community.



“As members of His body, the Church, we present the saving power of Jesus Christ to rescue men from the consequences and ultimate penalty of sin and disciple them for victorious Christian living.”

Our vision for the men, women and children who come here seeking help is to empower them to recover and rebuild their lives through the power of Jesus Christ. As members of His body, the Church, we present men the gospel message of salvation and disciple them for Christian living. With Christ’s love guiding them, and with a strong community of believers surrounding them, we believe they will claim victory over their struggles.


Many of the men, women and children who come here need immediate care, like food, a bed or a new pair of shoes. We offer them immediate help with hot, nutritious meals and stays in our shelter, as well as clothing, showers and other basic necessities to help them get back on their feet.



Our hearts break for the many men who are struggling with addiction, chronic homelessness and unemployment.

As an outreach of the Market Street Mission in Morristown, we offer help through our free, long-term residential addiction treatment program that is designed to offer a “hand up” rather than a “hand out.” Through the healing they experience in classes, counseling, hands-on job training and Bible study, they can return to independent, stable lives as victors in Christ over their struggles.

Hello… and Welcome!
A note from Executive Director G. David Scott

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the Market Street Mission – Jersey Shore! I’m glad you’ve taken some time to learn more about our ministry to Asbury Park – and I hope you’ll visit again and again to stay updated on the lives that are being radically transformed by God’s grace here every day.

The Market Street Mission – Jersey Shore is a refuge for our neighbors facing poverty, homelessness, and addiction, and our history extends long before we opened our doors in Asbury Park. Jersey Shore was created as an outreach of our Market Street Mission location in Morristown, which has been serving the community in Northern New Jersey since 1889.   

After more than 100 years of ministry in Morristown, our team saw a need for services in Asbury Park as well, and the Lord opened the doors for us to start the Market Street Mission – Jersey Shore in 2006. Though it took a few years to get started, our doors have been open ever since to keep serving those in need here in the Shore community through meals, shelter, and addiction recovery. 

Today, thanks to the generous support of our community, our residential program and many other services are offered freely to anyone who comes here seeking help to overcome huge challenges in their lives and find hope for a brighter future through God’s transformative love.

On the pages of this website, we’ve provided all the information you’ll need to get to know us better, whether you’re someone looking for a hot meal, or someone looking for a way to serve others in need through service as a volunteer or by donating to the Mission. As you have questions about our programs or service opportunities, I invite you to reach out to our staff using our Contact page.

On behalf of our staff, and all the local men, women and children being served here at the Mission daily, I want to thank you for your prayers, your support and your encouragement of this ministry.

G. David Scott


To respect the dignity of each individual.

To be channels of God’s reconciliation in this world.

To strive for excellence in all that we do.

To be good stewards of God’s resources.

To function in a biblically ethical manner.

To conduct ourselves with integrity in each relationship.

To seek, above all, Christ’s preeminence in all things.




More than a century of experience

2007… that’s when the Market Street Mission – Jersey Shore opened our doors to Asbury Park’s homeless and hurting.

Founded by the leadership of the Market Street Mission, our sister Mission in Morristown, we shared a common ministry goal: to deliver those in need by sharing the good news of Jesus Christ.

For a decade, Executive Director G. David Scott and our Board were dedicated and passionate about providing Rescue Mission services in Asbury Park. That dream became a reality when our current location at 701 Memorial Drive property was purchased on May 23, 2006 – and our doors officially opened on January 11, 2007.

When we started, we planned to provide:

  • 100 meals each day (7 days a week, 365 days a year!)
  • 40 men sheltered each night

With more than a century of success, both Missions share the good news of Christ’s love through meeting immediate and long-term needs of our guests: food and shelter, coupled with our long-term addiction recovery program that helps people become healthy, stable and Godly members of our community.


A Brief History of our Mission

  • The Mission’s doors opened on January 11, 2007; 11 people were served a hot meal that night, and 3 men stayed in the Mission’s shelter.
  • Within a few months, the Mission was providing 35 people with meals and sheltering 15 men each night.
  • Between 2007 and 2010, the Mission was deemed “of beneficial use to the community and the surrounding areas” by city and state governments. While there were some initial reservations from the community, by 2011, the Mission met the conditions set by the City of Asbury Park and continued ministering to local homeless, hungry and hurting people.
  • In the future, the Jersey Shore Rescue Mission will develop an onsite Life Change Program (like our sister Mission’s in Morristown) where during a year-long program, men will learn the tools they need to build a solid foundation for their future success.