Meet William. He can’t thank YOU enough!

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Meet William. He can’t thank YOU enough!

“I turned my will over to Christ. Now I feel whole.” 

William’s father left when he was just six years old, and he grew up longing for the sound of his father’s voice. “He promised to call and send plane tickets to go see him, but he never did,” William says. “I bottled all my disappointment inside.”

When William was 10, he began numbing his pain with drugs. “I was trying to fill a void,” he says.

He stopped using when he was 21 and maintained his sobriety for seven years. Then he went to see a doctor for his neck and shoulder pain and, though the doctor knew William was in recovery, he prescribed Percocet.

William relapsed, and for the next seven years he struggled with his addiction, costing him jobs, damaging his family relationships and alienating him from God. “I was trying to fill that void again,” he says. “Finally, I realized I was losing everything.”

It was then William entered our Life Change Program, where Bible studies, chapel services and Christian counseling have strengthened his faith and healed his heart. “My walk with Christ is closer than ever,” he says. “And I’ve finally shared the pain I suppressed years ago.”

“Every day I see God working in my life.”

His relationships with his family, including his father, have now been restored. “He says he’s proud of me. I never thought I’d hear that.”

William plans to complete the program and stay at the Mission for our Transition Phase, working and saving money for a place of his own. He’s looking forward to marrying his fiancée and, someday, opening a restaurant. “I’ve been able to sharpen my skills working in the kitchen here,” he says.

You may never meet William, but he’s eternally grateful to YOU for your supporttoday, his heart is filled with new hope for the future. “The void I was trying to fill was the lack of a close relationship with Christ, but I turned my will over to Him completely. Now I feel whole.” 


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