Ken’s heart is filled with gratitude for YOU.

Ken Fall NL

Ken’s heart is filled with gratitude for YOU.

“I wasn’t living life – I was just existing.” 

After years of struggling with drug abuse and addiction, it only took one friend, one conversation, one word to make it all click in Ken’s head. He couldn’t keep living like this… he needed to change.

Ken first dabbled in drugs and drinking in high school, but an addiction to prescription pills soon took over his life. His addiction grew even worse in his late 20s, when his mother took her own life. This became his justification to continue using drugs as a coping mechanism.

“Everything I did, every thought in my mind was to get drugs. I wasn’t really living life – I was just existing to get drugs.”

His addiction took everything he had and left him homeless, couch-surfing with friends who would let him stay. But one day, the answer was different. His friend said, “Listen, I’d love for you to stay, but we’re kind of enabling you.”

Once he heard that word – enabling – Ken knew he needed to turn his life around. So Ken checked himself into detox, and then came to our sister Mission in Morristown, where everything changed.

“Right off the bat you can feel a lot of love in the building. There’s just genuine care,” he reflected. Guided by this care, Ken began to pursue his recovery.

As he went through the program, Ken began to realize it was God who was working this transformation in his life. He found mentors who encouraged him to grow and showed him what it looked like to follow Christ. And though it is difficult, he is learning to surrender his will to God.

“When they say total life-change, that’s exactly what it is. It’s your whole outlook on life that’s completely transformed.

This Thanksgiving season – and all through the year – your kind generosity fills hearts with hope and gratitude… and transforms lives through God’s love.

Now, after graduating, Ken works as an intern here at the Mission as a way to support those in need and give back to the Asbury Park community. He believes God has put him in this position where he can use his story to encourage others going through the same struggles he experienced.


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