Kevin is celebrating hope. Your support brings hope to the hurting this Easter.

Kevin is celebrating hope. Your support brings hope to the hurting this Easter.

“I was lost and the Mission gave me hope.”

Kevin grew up with dreams of a wonderful life. But when he was 14, he started drinking to fit in with his peers, and it set him on a path that led away from his dreams. “Alcohol and drugs became part of my life from that point on, no matter what I did or where I went,” he says.

Over the years, he married, raised children and operated his own businesses, but his addiction robbed him of every good thing. “My relationships were lost and my businesses were destroyed,” he says.

Finally, he wound up homeless and alone. He wanted to die and was admitted to a psychiatric hospital. When he was discharged, the hospital sent him here to the Mission, where he found safe shelter and warm meals as an Overnight Guest.

Then he learned about our Life Change Program, and realized it was his chance to find that wonderful life he’d dreamed of so long ago. Through chapel services, Bible studies and Christian counseling, Kevin surrendered everything to the Lord. “He changed my life,” Kevin says. “I felt like a worthwhile person again.”

“I’ve been forgiven through Christ.”

Kevin graduated from the program and is an intern here, working with our new clients. “They’re completely broken like I was. I tell them what the Mission did in my life and it gives them hope.”

He plans to earn a degree in drug and alcohol counseling and go to work in Christian ministry. And he’s looking forward to getting his own place and spending time with his children and grandchildren. “They encourage me all the time,” he says. “They see the difference in me and they’re proud.”

Thanks to the blessing of your support, Kevin is celebrating Easter as a new creation in Christ. “I was lost and hopeless, but God sent me here and the Mission built up my self-esteem. They prepared me to be independent and responsible. They gave me hope for the future.”


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