Finding his True Self

Finding his True Self

Jon-Erik grew up way too fast. “I had a good home and supportive parents,” he says. “But by fifth grade, I was hanging out with high school kids, drinking and smoking pot.”

Over the years, Jon-Erik’s drug use escalated to painkillers and heroin, costing him jobs and destroying relationships. “I became a different person,” he says.

Jon-Erik was saved and became clean in a Christian recovery program, but eventually relapsed when he “lost focus on spiritual things.” It was then that he entered the Life Change Program at our sister Mission in Morristown. There, he found the emotional healing and spiritual restoration he needed. “Now, the Lord gives me strength through everything,” he says. “I’m spiritually sound.”

Halfway through the program, Jon-Erik knew he wanted to spend his life ministering to others just as the Mission had ministered to him. So after graduation, he came here to the Jersey Shore Rescue Mission to complete an internship.

“It’s giving me the opportunity to continue growing spiritually and give back,” he says. “I rest well at night because I’ve done good and I wake up in the morning wanting to do the same thing. That’s a good way to live your life and I want to do that for the rest of mine.”

When Jon-Erik completes his internship, he’s heading back to the Market Street Mission to join their staff as kitchen manager and help lead classes and Bible studies. “Coming to the Mission has made me realize that God has a greater plan for me than I could have imagined,” he says.

WITH YOUR HELP, Jon-Erik and others like him are finding that God’s hope and healing are for everyone, regardless of their past or circumstances. Thank you for your generous support.


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