John’s life is changed forever and he wants to thank YOU!

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John’s life is changed forever and he wants to thank YOU!

“I was hopeless and broken, but the Mission transformed my life.”

John sat in his car alone, homeless, drunk and cold, and he cried out to God, “Either help me or kill me!”

It was the first time he’d prayed since he was 11 and his father died. “That’s when I started hating God,” he says.

Ten years later, John’s mother died and his grief and hatred grew, but he kept it hidden. “I met a girl, bought a house, had a son and everything looked fine. Then I started drinking every day to drown my sorrows. I drank my paychecks away and lost the house.”

John’s relationship fell apart and he moved in with his beloved aunt and uncle and stopped drinking. After three years, they died within a few weeks of one another, and John’s grief was too much to bear. “I wound up living in my car, drinking every day. I hated everybody.” 

Then, one day, while he was sitting in a bar, drinking a beer, God answered John’s prayer for help. “Something hit me. I said, ‘I’ve lost everything and all I do is drink. I’m done!’”

It was then he entered our Life Change Program, where Bible studies, Christian counseling and chapel services led him to surrender his life to the Lord. “During worship, I got this warm feeling and I broke down and cried. That was the start of my journey with God,” he says. 

“Now I cast all my anxieties on the Lord.” 

John’s newfound faith has healed his grief and hatred. “I have a new outlook on life. I find the positive in everything,” he says. 

He’s now graduated from the program and is in transition, staying at the Mission, working full time and saving money for his own place where his son can visit. 

Because you gave from your heart to help John, his life has been changed by your goodness and God’s love forever. “I was hopeless and broken, but the Mission transformed my life. I’m so grateful.”


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