A Humbling Challenge

A Humbling Challenge

Chris remembers watching others walk through the doors of our sister ministry, the Market Street Mission in Morristown. Though he battled his own addiction, Chris says, “I thought I would never go in there.”

But when his struggles with alcoholism left him homeless, he knew he needed help. “I was at a really bad point in my life,” he says. “I just couldn’t stop drinking on my own. I had no place else to go.”

He took a step through the Market Street Mission’s doors… staying for a weekend, which eventually led to joining their long-term recovery program. “Not only did I get clean and sober, but for the first time I had an understanding of Jesus Christ,” he says. “My need to drink started going away.”

After graduating the recovery program, Chris worked for Market Street’s office, continuing to develop valuable life skills in this supportive environment. But when he took a leave of absence due to some physical and personal challenges, Chris relapsed.

Humbled and hurting, Chris reached out to our staff – the first people he called for help. “I knew Jersey Shore had the Relapse Prevention program, and blessedly they accepted me here.”

Through support group meetings, Bible studies and counseling every week, Chris has found accountability in our Relapse Prevention program as he addresses the root issues of addiction. With the program’s focus on work therapy, he’s learning to build structure in his life and has hope for deep, lasting healing. “When you’re not worrying about payments and insurance for a program like this, your head can be wrapped fully around recovery,” he says.

Because of your generous support, men like Chris are facing their challenges and being transformed by God’s love here at the Mission. “When your addiction has won, and you’re beaten down, it’s a blessing to know there’s a place to go.”


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Help other people like Chris…

Chris’ story of hope and healing is inspiring. Our long-term recovery programs exist to help other men and women find healing. Will you provide this help to others?